Are you or your family members studying at U of T or other Ontario universities or colleges? The so-called “Student Choice Initiative” brought in by the Ford government allows students to opt-out of some ancillary fees when registering and paying their tuition. Widespread opting out will lead to serious de-funding of student unions, student media as well as some student services carried out by our members and administrative staff at other institutions. Here at U of T, the Family Care Office, the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office and the campus daycares are just some of the important services paid for by ancillary fees.  We strongly urge you to opt-in to ancillary fees when you register, particularly if you’re benefitting from your staff tuition waivers for study at U of T. Support your university community and ensure that important student services are not de-funded.  For more information on the impacts of the “Student Choice Initiative,” click here: