The Local 1998 Executive’s Statement Regarding the University’s Lifting of its Face Mask-wearing Policy

On June 9, the University of Toronto announced that it will be lifting its face mask-wearing policy as of July 1.  The text of the University’s announcement reads:  

“The University’s current mask requirement will be lifted as of July 1, 2022, subject to any changes in public health guidance. Some members of our community may choose to continue to wear a mask after July 1. We ask everyone to respect each other’s decisions, comfort levels, and health needs.”  

It is the Union’s expectation that the University will follow through with its commitment to adjusting the new policy based on public health guidance.  We believe that the best way forward is for the University to err on the side of caution in its reactions to the changing state of COVID-19 infections and, if the pandemic situation worsens, we will be looking for the University to re-implement a face mask-wearing policy without necessarily being instructed to do so by public health. 

The Union strongly supports face masking wearing in the workplace and we expect the University to do the same.  We encourage all members of Local 1998 to respect each other’s choice about whether to wear a face mask.  All Local 1998 in-person events will be face mask friendly.  

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