Vic USW COVID-19 Update Sept 10th, 2021

Dear Victoria University USW Members,

In a meeting this afternoon with the Victoria University administration, the Union received new information about how the University intends to handle situations in which an employee has not received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Monday, September 13 and has not submitted an exemption request.  The University stated that they do not intend to discipline those employees right away, because the October 29 deadline for being fully vaccinated is what will determine the implementation of discipline.  (The October 29 deadline takes into account the time required after a second dose of vaccine is received for a person to be considered fully vaccinated.)  Employees who have not had at least one dose of vaccine by September 13 will need to participate in the University’s rapid antigen testing program in order to keep working.  Such employees will need to continue participating in the rapid antigen testing program until they are fully vaccinated by the deadline.  If such employees are not fully vaccinated by the deadline, they should expect to be terminated.

The Union and the University have agreed to meet again this coming week to further the discussion about the possibility of reaching an agreement on an alternate to termination or resignation in situations where a member is not fully vaccinated by the October 29 deadline and does not have an approved exemption.  The alternate action that is being considered is a job protected unpaid leave of absence. 

The Local has received legal advice indicating that the University’s vaccination policy is legal.  The Union is working to have the implementation of the employer’s vaccination policy implemented fairly and in a way that protects the safety of all of its members.

Your Victoria University USW Representatives are:

John Ankenman – Unit President
(c) 416-578-5424

Alex Thomson – Unit Secretary

Mark Austin – Chief Steward
(c) 647-966-4520

Chris Greenwood – Steward for part-time employees

Wanda Hughes – Steward for full-time salaried employees

Mike Lau – Steward for full-time hourly-paid employees 

Below are the notes which were handed out to the Vic Food Services and Housekeeping full-time employees who attended our in-person and Zoom presentations about the Work-Sharing program and financial support the University had agreed to implement for laid off full-time employees:

Layoff Information For Full-Time Housekeeping and Food Services Members

Below are the notes which were handed out to the Vic Food Services and Housekeeping part-time employees who attended our presentations on the financial supports the University had agreed to implement for laid off part-time employees:

Layoff Information For Part-Time Housekeeping and Food Services Members

Click here for the Covid-19 fact sheet

Local 1998 Office Staffing & the Continuation of Union Services

The physical Local 1998 office is currently closed in keeping with the latest business closure directive issued by the Government of Ontario, but everyone who usually works in the office, including John Ankenman and Mark Austin, are working from home and are available to answer your questions, address your concerns and fully represent the membership. Please do not hesitate to contact John or Mark or one of the other Vic USW representatives.

John Ankenman – Unit President 
(c) 416-578-5424  
Mark Austin -Chief Steward 
(c) 647-966-4520  
Alex Thomson – Unit Secretary  
Wanda Hughes – Steward for salaried employees

Chris Greenwood – Steward for part-time

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