Job Evaluation

We make sure you are fairly paid.

In 2002, Local 1998 began the process of Job Evaluation, wherein every members’ position is defined and classified. Job Evaluation ensures that our members are being recognized and compensated for the full extent of their work. Job Evaluation also clearly outlines opportunities for advancement in any given position.


Job evaluation is a systematic review and comparison of jobs across the University to assess their relative value based on skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions. It is used to determine how jobs relate to each other and what is the appropriate pay band for positions. Job evaluation ensures that the University is compliant with Ontario’s Pay Equity Act, and addresses internal equity for job classes within the bargaining unit.

When the University creates a position, the Union has an opportunity to review and challenge the pay band placement if, in our view, it is not correct. Employees who have been in a position for six months have the opportunity to submit a questionnaire so the Union has additional information on your job duties and can do a further assessment of the position.

At the University of Toronto (staff-appointed unit only) and Victoria University, job evaluation is in the maintenance stage, which means that you can consider the possibility of a reclassification request if your job has significantly changed. Job Evaluation is in its initial stage at St. Mike’s and jobs are now being classified for the first time.

*If you have questions about your position or about Job Evaluation, contact our JE team at and check out our resources.

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