Resource Documents and FAQs

*Note: this page is being reconstructed, in the meantime you can access the Resource Documents and FAQ’s below.


Women Of Steel (WoS)’s articles on Burn Out/Stress/Self-Care

Organizational Change and lay-off:

Job Evaluation:

St. Mike’s Job Evaluation:


University of Toronto

Victoria University

University of St. Michael’s College

Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board

  • WSIB
  • WSIB Form 8, “Health Professional’s Report.” You will be provided a copy for yourself and a copy to provide to Health and Well-Being.
  • WSIB Form 6 “Worker’s report of Injury/disease” online and submit. Also, provide a copy to Health and Well-Being. 

Other safety resources

Health and Safety apps

Bullying and Harassment:

*These resources are provided for information. We strongly recommend that members contact the union for help and support prior to submitting a complaint. Members have a right to union representation throughout this process.

Information for Casual members:

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