Staff-Appointed Bargaining


February 19, 2022, 6:04am

Dear Members,  

We are incredibly happy to report that we have signed off on a tentative agreement with the University after 21 consecutive hours of bargaining. 

Minutes of Settlement for New Contract (2022)

Click HERE for the Previous Contract

Bargaining this contract has been a long and winding process. The Bargaining Committee was elected in November 2019 and never expected that we would still be on the job over two years later. We know that this has also been an exceedingly long wait for you as well and we are excited to present the tentative agreement to you at the ratification meeting on February 28.  

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the punitive salary and benefits cap of Bill 124, we have bargained a contract that we feel is responsive to your priorities as expressed in the bargaining surveys, focus groups, and townhalls. We worked hard to maximize benefits, including renewing the pension bridge.  

Ratification Meeting  

We know you want all the details, and they are coming soon. We need to put together the ratification package, so we can share all the information with you. Since it is Reading Week and members may be on vacation, we are planning our Ratification Meeting for Monday, February 28 from 3:30 – 5:00pm. This is a release time meeting, so you may leave work to attend if you notify your manager as soon as possible. We will send out the Zoom link next week.  

Ratification Vote  

Following the Ratification meeting you will be able to vote electronically on the contract from Monday February 28 starting at 5:00pm to Wednesday March 2 closing at 5:00pm. 

Thanks to all of you who filled out surveys, came to meetings, sent in emails, attended focus groups, came out to pop ups, sent in your selfies, and voted in the strike vote.  

Enjoy your long weekend and we will see you on the 28th to share the details of the tentative agreement.

Your bargaining committee:

Colleen Burke

Justen Bennett

Mary-Marta Briones-Bird

Issam Mikdashi

Nik Redman

Zack Sholdra

Val Sladojevic-Sola

Richard Waters

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