Election 2024 Results

Election 2024

USW Local 1998

Elections for United Steelworkers Local 1998 Executive Committee and Unit positions take place once every three years. In 2024, on-campus polling stations ran on April 15, 2024, and online voting was open between April 16, 2024, and April 18, 2024. All Local 1998 members in good standing were eligible to cast a ballot for the two Executive Committee positions that were contested (Trustee and Guide).

Please find the election results below.

Vote Count: Trustee 3 Positions

Andrea Burton (Elected) 1,136 votes

Nik Redman (Elected) 923 votes

Fatima Ijaz (Elected) 907 votes

Aziz El Mejdouby 646 votes

Rabia Nasir 621 votes


Vote Count: Guide 1 Position

Christine Beckermann (Elected) 978 votes

Katrina Marshall 596 votes


Election Results Summary

Executive Committee

President | John Ankenman (Acclaimed)

Vice-President | Tamara Vickery (Acclaimed)

Recording Secretary | Mark Austin (Acclaimed)

Financial Secretary | Zack Sholdra (Acclaimed)

Treasurer | Richard Waters (Acclaimed)

Trustees | Andrea Burton (Elected), Fatima Ijaz (Elected), Nik Redman (Elected)

Guards | Ruxandra Pop (Acclaimed), Alex Thomson (Acclaimed)

Guide | Christine Beckermann (Elected)

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