Meet Your Candidates

Election 2024 Candidates for Trustee and Guide Positions


Trustee Position Candidates

3 positions available

  • Andrea Burton
  • Aziz El Mejouby
  • Fatima Ijaz
  • Rabia Nasir
  • Nik Redman
Guide Position Candidates

1 position available

  • Christine Beckermann
  • Katrina Marshall
Meet Your Candidates


Candidate for Local 1998 Trustee

I have been able to put my 10+ years of being a Financial Aid Advisor at UTM to use along with completing the Financial Officer training offered by the USW International Office in my role as Trustee. My previous role fostered my ability to pay attention to detail as accuracy is crucial. Nik, Fatima, and I have worked hard together to bring our records up to date as pandemic closures affected our ability to perform this vital work that is required to be done in person.
During my tenure at U of T, I have been deeply involved in our community and now within the union as a Grievance Officer. I realize participating on the Executive Committee is an opportunity for me to bring my unique perspective to our local. I am passionate about working hard on behalf of the membership and am ready to continue our progression.


Candidate for Local 1998 Trustee

Hello colleagues,

My name is Aziz. I have been serving members as a steward since 2015. Last year, I participated in bargaining and worked tirelessly with the bargaining team to secure good salary increases and benefits for our members.  I am a strong believer in the importance of transparency, accountability, and financial integrity when it comes to union finances. When our executives wanted to remove the union’s financial statements from the GMM package, I was among the first members to oppose the idea. The main source of our union’s funds is members’ monthly dues. Therefore, members have the right to know how, when and where their dues are spent.

As a trustee, I will do my best to ensure that our union’s funds are properly accounted for and used solely for the benefit of our local and its members as authorized by the membership and in accordance with our bylaws.


Candidate for Local 1998 Trustee

As a trustee on the current executive, I have worked collaboratively with Nik, Nambogga and then Andrea, when she returned to her role. I worked to eliminate the backlog built up from the pandemic and we are in a sound position if audited. As a member of the executive, I intend to continue to be present and engaged at executive and GMMs to send more members to conferences, to make fiscally conscious decisions and support all our units such as Casuals and our new Dons units. Let’s keep USW 1998 Strong!
In solidarity,
Fatima Ijaz
Steward, Arts & Science
USW 1998 Trustee


Candidate for Local 1998 Trustee

As I have continued to be more involved with the union over the past several years, through my role as chair of the Health and Safety committee, steward and recently as a bargaining team member, I’ve seen the challenges our members face and helped them overcome them. I believe in fighting for safer workplaces, better benefits, and fair wages that match today’s needs. I kindly request you to vote for me as one of your trustees because I’m committed to making sure our union’s money and assets are used wisely, transparently, and fairly. Also, just as importantly, I feel that UTSC deserves a strong voice in the union, and I’ll make sure it’s heard. I promise to always be honest, to continue to learn how to support our members better, and to hold myself to the highest standards. Choose me, and together we’ll make our union stronger and more inclusive.


Candidate for Local 1998 Trustee

Nik Redman has been a member of the Union since 2001. He truly embraces the notion that « Human Rights are Worker’s Rights! »

He started working at the Union in 2006 when he applied to be a member of the Job Evaluation Team. Currently working as a Grievance Officer has provided him with valuable insight to issues that members face in the workplace on a daily basis. This knowledge has been helpful when he has been part of the bargaining team. Nik is a member of the Executive as a Trustee and in the past held roles of Guard and Guide. Nik is also a member of the BIPOC Anti-Racism committee, Steel Pride and the Human Rights Committee, Nik has completed his Leadership Training with the USW International body and completed courses in Anti-Harassment, Financial Officer training, Human Rights and arbitration through the USW Education Program.  


Candidate for Local 1998 Guide

I began working at UofT in 1996, starting on a contract in Research Services, which led to a career in Research and IT. At the time, administrative staff had a voluntary Association with a very limited ability to represent our interests. This was made clear when a wage rollback was imposed by the University. When Association members voted to start a union drive, I joined the organizing committee that successfully brought Local 1998.
Since then, I have served in many capacities in our Local, including:

  • 4 terms on the executive, serving as Recording Secretary, Guard and Guide
  • Steward in the CAHRS area
  • 2 terms on the bargaining committee
  • Member of the Women of Steel, Political Action, Human Rights and Pride Committees
  • Having worked at UofT before we had a union, I remain deeply committed to working with the current leadership to fight for fairness for members across our diverse Local.


Candidate for Local 1998 Guide

My name is Katrina Marshall and I am running for the position of Guide for the USW1998 Executive Committee. I have been working as a Dental Assistant in the GTA for the past 20 years. I started as a Staff-Appointed member with the University of Toronto at the Faculty of Dentistry in 2017. I eventually took on the roll of the Chief Steward and Member Co-Chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee. In 2023 I had the privilege of being elected to be on the Bargaining Committee where I helped bring some wonderful additions, as well as an amazing pay raise, to the Collective Agreement! If elected, I look forward to being part of a team that helps make decisions that reflect the memberships best interests, wants and needs. I plan to continue to find answers and help make changes that best represent the membership community.

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