Women of Steel (WoS)’s special series of publications on burnout

The Local WOS Committee met on February 3, 2023, and discussed adapting a series of publications on burnout created by the Local 1944 WOS Committee for Local 1998 members. These four publications raise awareness about burnout and how it can affect people at work. Local 1944 created these resources for their members in the telecommunications industry. Working in call centres, their members can face a tremendous amount of abuse from customers, which they drew attention to in their Hang Up on Abuse campaign. Dealing with this kind of abuse on a regular basis can contribute to burnout, as can other types of prolonged work stress.

Although these publications are geared toward USW 1944 members, we thought women and others in our Local could also benefit from them. We contacted the Local 1944, President Donna Hokiro, to obtain her permission to adapt their publications for our members, and she happily agreed.

The USW 1998 adapted versions can be found at the links below. If you are struggling with burnout or have questions about any of the details you read in these, please reach out to a USW 1998 steward or Grievance Officer.

We would like to acknowledge the passionate and hard-working group of WOS advocates in Alberta who created the original Local 1944 publications.

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